<p>I am from Dublin, Ireland.</p>
<p>My partner is Marta and we have one beautiful daughter: Ana. Who takes up most of my time and deprives me of sleep.</p>

Personal information:

I am from Dublin, Ireland. My partner is Marta and we have one beautiful daughter, Ana, who takes up most of my time and deprives me of sleep. I play a lot of sports and also like to play piano and write, but none of these has so far enabled me to quit my day-job in P&G. Luckily, my job enables me to pursue some of my other favorite interests, especially science, but also languages, travel, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and psychology. I think I have a job that enables me to use my limited talents to make the world a little bit better every day, and to have fun while doing so.

Scientific background

I studied chemical engineering in UCD (Dublin) and then did a PhD in the University of Wisconsin. Focus area of my PhD was turbulent heat and mass-transfer. My supervisor was Prof. Stewart, of the famous “Bird, Stewart and Lightfoot” who invented Transport Phenomena, and I also got to take some advanced courses from Prof Bird, including Macromolecular Hydrodynamics, and also was a teaching assistant when he taught Transport Phenomena to undergraduates. All of this is still highly relevant to the research I do today on Complex Fluids, and I’m always happy to talk about how to solve problems in this area.


In addition to complex fluids and transport phenomena, I have a strong interest in scale-up and liquid mixing and I am leading the P&G teams developing trainings in both these areas. I believe that fundamental, micro-scale understanding is the key to solving a lot of our challenges, even if we don’t know the exact details, we can learn a lot by thinking about what might be happening and how it would change with parameters that we can control. Unrelated to this, I spent my first years working in Product Research, and I still have a deep interest in (consumer) psychology, motivation, reward and also business models.

Role in the project

My specific role in the team is to support the process design work. I am looking for ways to study incorporation of rheology modifiers in finished products in a more equipment-independent way, seeing how parameters influence the intermediate steps and final rheology. Another hugely important role for me in this project is to learn from all the wonderful experts I’m working with – about characterization tools like SAXS, about rheology, about chemistry, about polymers, … and to make great connections that I can use even after ISSFLOW.