Meet Koen Nuyts, Rocío Gallego Calvo, Luca Medda and Joana Domingues, our #msca fellows of the week!

They are MSCA researchers originally from within the IAPP project titled ISSFLOW (Intelligent Structuring Systems for Complex Flowing Products). They are carrying out their research experience, at the Brussels Innovation Centre in Procter and Gamble. ISSFLOW is an international research project, composed of academia and business collaboration, aiming at creating new and sustainable materials, that can improve the flow behaviour of liquids, for commercial products to enable consumers, to make a more environmental friendly choice. These materials may have a wide range of applications, from detergents and pharmaceuticals, to restoration of paintings and lubricants.

Besides their research activity, they participate in outreach activities, arranging workshops for children at school or participating, in the last edition of Greenlight for Girls at the International School of Brussels:

Further info concerning ISSFLOW at: